Monday, August 20, 2007

Phentermine success story

Real story about using Phentermine.

I've tried many times to lose weight through the years. I've failed over
and over again. Before I got pregnant I was pretty active and athletic.
After giving birth I found I had gained 100 lbs.

Through the years at different points I would admit to myself that I needed
to do something about it. I would start a diet and not see any results so
I would quit. I crash dieted several times and lost quite a bit, but always
gained it back.

Two years ago I had some things happen to me, health-wise, that affected
many factors of my life. While the illness itself wasn't weight-related,
my recovery was hindered by my weight. I was very depressed and unable to
work.I buy phentermine. I was also unable to drive so delivery, fast food, basically anything
fast and unhealthy is what I ate. My weight was pretty consistent at 230
to 240 pounds. I knew I was gaining but before I stepped on the scale I
didn't know quite how bad it got. I weighed in close to 290 pounds.

Once again I ignored it and kept living my life the way that I was. Things
started happening to me that hadn't happened before. When I went on vacation
I needed an extender for my seatbelt. I went out to a restaurant and could
barely fit in a booth. My children told me a few times that they had been
teased at school about my weight. Obviously at this point denial wasn't going
to work anymore.

I heard about a Bariatric Clinic that is local that prescribed Phentermine.

I went to the clinic and was given diet tips and a prescription. I didn't really
take it very seriously at first. I figured this was just a miracle pill that
would melt the weight off.

Boy was I wrong! The first several weeks on
Phentermine I didn't lose much at all.

Frustrated I started surfing the Internet and found this site. I was very
intimidated to post at first. There are so many amazing people here that
have done so well. I still didn't really have much faith that I'd ever get
there. Slowly I started incorporating diet tips I read here into my day.

I started to see movement on my scale which only motivated me further.
Slowly but surely I started believing in myself, and knowing I can do it.
I still have a little bit to go but don't have any doubts anymore that I'll
get there and maintain it.I buy phentermine I really have needed support and encouragement
along the way. When I found it lacking in my life I came here. Just when I
feel like giving up someone here posts something that gives me the fire
and determination I need to continue.

Buy phentermine.

I've learned to make healthy choices, and watch everything I put in my mouth.

At first I counted calories religiously never going over 1200 per day. After
a while I realised that I don't need to watch so carefully since I've learned what I can and can't eat. I always reward myself once a week with that "free" or "cheat" meal. If I deprive myself I know that's when I'm going to start binging on bad foods again. At first I wasn't able to exercise much. Lower impact programs like Walk Away the Pounds were all I could do. Now I'm an exercise enthusiast. I hit the gym with a smile because it makes me feel so good.

A lot of people say nothing tastes sweeter than success, and boy, are they
telling the truth. I am more actively involved in my children's life now, and
my weight no longer holds me back from anything.

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